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When you visit our studio you don't have to come make-up and hair ready, feel free to have your hairstylist and makeup artist meet you here, We have the perfect area for you to get beautified before your shoot

Make-Up Area

Shooting Area

We have a large shooting area that will be sure to fit any of your needs, we have tons of props and multiple backdrop colors and etc. Our fabulous studio also has  TV monitors throughout the studio that will let you see your images as we shoot in real-time.

Claw Foot Tub-Shooting Area

Feeling A Lil extra spicy? We have had a wonderful claw foot tub installed in our studio with running water. You can decorate this area to your own taste if you like, that's right you can bring your own props to make this space personal just for you. On the opposite side of this, we have A  blank wall that can also be decorated by you as well.


Bathroom / Shower

Nice and clean full bathroom where you can change your outfits, or perhaps you want a shower scene for your shoot, yes this area here is also for shooting.

Sitting Area / Snacks

We have a nice and spacious sitting area so feel free to bring your friends and family when you come to shoot at our studio, We have a Tv in this area that will let your friends/family see your shoot in real-time, or maybe they want to watch a movie while you shoot. We also have snacks, drinks, water, and mini bottles of wine, of course, the wine is for the gown folks lol, 

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